Saturday, 14 August 2010

When A Problem Arises.................

Matthew d'Ancona's op-ed piece in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph carries the headline "The graduate tax is a Tory idea whose time has come." Now I have to admit to not having paid much attention to this 'Graduate Tax' malarkey, however, a few points:

1. Who is it that dumbed-down educational standards to the extent that not a lot of work was required to get a GCSE?

2. Who is it that pushed students to go to university and get degrees - in useless subjects like 'Meeja Studies'?

3. Who is it, that having created a problem, decides the only way in which to solve it is (a) tax it; (b)  appoint a 'Commission' to investigate the problem; or (c) appoint some 'expert' from the private sector to sort it out?

Now I remember - those 'elected representatives' 'placemen' (and placewomen - one does not wish to be sexist) who we are told know what they are doing; who are one amoeba short of having at least one brain cell; who consider themselves a 'class-apart' and whose one claim to fame is that they have failed, at every attempt, in the one field they consider themselves experts in - namely social engineering!


13th Spitfire said...

Spot on!

I am stuck in the fucking system right now, and if they even for a second begin to tax retrospectively I am going to bloody sue this government.

Why should we pay for their policy failures (like Major's great idea to make all polys into universities) or Blair's amazing 50% rate. Fuck 'em.

Witterings From Witney said...

I can then safely assume 13th, that you are a tad 'pissed off'?

James Higham said...

those 'elected representatives' 'placemen' (and placewomen - one does not wish to be sexist)

Why not? If the cap fits ...

13th Spitfire said...

I already pay top-dollar (pounds) for my education and I am not doing some shitty, feel-good, degree in media studies I am doing a proper science and it is very expensive for us students and the university. It would be cheaper if the fucking government was not giving money to retard institutions like the Teeside university on the spurious belief that the entire population can suddenly become engineers and authors.

I just wish they could with their social engineering and realise that people are not homogenously clever, and that a surprising amount are in fact bloody stupid. And this might sound harsh and very elitist, even condescending, but they should not be at university in that case.