Thursday, 19 August 2010

Provenance Please

Stephen Allison, UKIP Councillor and NEC candidate has posted on his views of smoking in public:
"I think smoking is a nasty habit, but if people want to do it in the privacy of their own homes then that is their choice. However, I don’t want to be made to breathe in their second hand smoke so in my opinion smoking should be banned in any public place, including walking down the street."
As I have posted previously, the 'fallacy' of second-hand smoke has yet to be proven, likewise no autopsy procedure has yet been devised to show that someone died as a result of second-hand smoke.

Just stop breathing when you are in a public place or walking down the street, Stephen - solves your problem with us and our problem with you.



Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the number of people like him cropping up on blogs, "ConHome" has to be seen to be believed. Like the "green Tosser" they all seem to hate people, I suppose it comes largely from our crap education system. Although, don't some of these idiots claim to have gone to good schools. They must have missed a lot of lessons!


Witterings From Witney said...

Anonymous, don't misunderstand me in that I know Stephen who is in general a good chap - but on the other hand I don't care who they are, I will not accept people repeating unsubstantiated 'facts' without them citing provenance!

Same goes for the 'mentalists too!