Monday, 16 August 2010

Why Conspiracy Theories/Theorists Exist

Tom Harris has a post for Labour Uncut, in which he argues that it is time to accept the death of Dr. David Kelly as 'finished' . Harris ends his piece thus:
"In today’s post-Watergate (and post-Capricorn One) era, we just can’t be expected to suspend disbelief long enough to accept the dull, boring facts."
Unfortunately, Tom Harris has not yet accepted the dull, boring fact that as the state 'has form' where not telling the truth is concerned, the people cannot be blamed for expressing their incredulity every time a politician opens his/her mouth!


IanPJ said...

Summed it up in one WfW.

That politicians no longer sustain any credibility, whatsoever.

Witterings From Witney said...

Ta IPJ - now and again I do have my 'moments' and can thus be 'incisive'.

Trooper Thompson said...

Notice how he refers to Watergate and a 70s movie. However, my knowledge of history goes a little further back.

If I talk about Nero trying to kill his mother in a fake boating accident, that's alright, I'm a historian. If I mention the Borgia pope, accidently poisoned to death by his son Cesare, who had other victims in mind, that's also okay, still far enough back. It is only in discussing the very recent history that suddenly I become insane for questioning the official version of events. It seems that at some point in history the government went from being, by and large, a guild of crooks, liars, thieves, murderers and colossal pervents, and became honest, incapable of malice, paragons for our children to look up to. But don't worry, when the same things happen in Russia or Zimbabwe, we're still allowed to speculate.

Kelly was murdered. The British government covered it up, even if they didn't order it. That is the result of applying Occam's razor.

Witterings From Witney said...

Point taken TT - and totally agree with your last para! My response to 'them' - if he wasn't, prove it! Oh and can I see the 'documentation'?