Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Coalition, Government & Devolution (And Cameron)

Douglas Carswell posts on the lack of localism and EU Referendum posts on the "Two Cs" love-in and the fact that it is reported Cameron is more comfortable with that arrangement rather than have an outright Conservative government.

I would be the first to agree that Carswell 'writes' a good blog, as does his Conservative colleague Daniel Hannan MEP. For those of us who are Eurosceptic both Carswell and Hannan are looked upon as our 'standard bearers', people who we believe will lead us out of the morass that is the EU. Unfortunately it is becoming clearer and clearer that our faith in these two men may be misplaced as other than their blogs nothing is heard from them, to any extent, elsewhere. They have the 'ear of the press and broadcasting media' and can command space for comment pieces - yet such pieces are most notable by their absence. One can but wonder whether they have been 'warned off' by the 'party machine' and possibly threatened with 'deselection' - just a thought.

In his post Carswell discusses the fact that with the imposition of central government restrictions in respect of what those central grants can be spent on means that 'localism' - and therefore the devolution of power that the "Two Cs" continually promise - is but a sham. Nothing surprising there really and it just illustrates that at the end of the day, the degree to which Cameron and Clegg can be believed is on a par with the belief the Pope would get if he suddenly announced that priests and nuns could cohabit!

Richard North, EU Referendum, makes his usual acerbic comments when discussing the latest news that Cameron is happier with his 'love-in' with the LibDems than he would be were he heading a majority Conservative government. I have for some time believed that Cameron is looking to create a new political party and in so doing 'side-lining' the right of the Conservative Party and the left of the Liberal Democrat Party - as explained here.

If one thinks back to the Conservative leadership debates and Cameron's utterances, it was obvious then that he was 'dressed to the left' (to coin a phrase) - and of late the yellow streak down his back has become more noticeable - especially when dealing with the EU!


subrosa said...

Well said and we really do need a party which leans to the right, has no wish to be members of the EU, will deal with multiculturalism and yet doesn't have the reputation of the BNP.

Like you I thought the likes of Carswell and Hannan could make that happen but alas it's not to be. Nobody is strong enough to leave the protection offered by a present political party. How sad.

Witterings From Witney said...

Thank you SR for your first comment - always ready to say and do anything to please a lady........

Seriously, there is one such party, unfortunately the electorate is not yet ready to listen - and when they are ready it will be too bloody late. Also that party needs to 'professionalize'itself, sort out its internal admin systems - and get a life!

I speak of UKIP, of which I am a member and unfortunately it drives me to frustration!"

pop said...

The Conservatives have layers of shills - EU supporters who pretend to be sceptic.

As each layer is exposed sceptic faith transfers to the next layer, only for that layer to be shown to be a sham too.

Layer 1 = Cameron, Layer 2 = Hague, Layer 3 = Hannan+Carswell, Layer 5 = Redwood, Reckless etc...

Forget having faith in others - if you care you have to do it yourself.

I am not EU-Sceptic, I am EU-Hostile. It is no different to fascism or communism - an evil power that is contaminating our land and people, it must be expelled and opposed.

Sean O'Hare said...

Disappointing that Carswell and Hannan don't walk the walk out the tory door.

Pendant Alert! I believe Carswell is an MP not an MEP.

Witterings From Witney said...

SO'H - point taken and my bad phrasing. Have therefore amended wording - thanks for point it out. Want a job as a proof reader? Oh and I think you meant pedant alert - not pendant alert? (Ahem)

Pop: Agreed, as I have just said in a new post I believe the EU and those that support it have never forgiven this country for setting back decades, the ideals of Hitler and Stalin!

Sean O'Hare said...

Want a job as a proof reader?

No thanks all the same WfW. "Pendant alert"? Seems I wouldn't be any good at it anyway!