Tuesday, 10 August 2010

And From One Not Known For Swearing - Much

To begin with, might I take this opportunity to remind all readers of the following quotes on the Lisbon Treaty, the EU Constitution (same thing); the need for a referendum; European integration and leaving the EU. Whilst on the subject of quotes, it is impossible to forget this gem from Peter Hain about the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty being just a 'tidying up exercise'.

So, with the announcement about the wish of the EU to introduce a 'direct taxation' system; the introduction of an European Environmental Criminal Court, which is also to be found here on the EU's own website; the introduction of an European Investigation Order; the proposals for an extension of the ban on smoking;  I can only ask WTFF is going on here, FFS?

Mary Ellen Synon has an excellent post here:
"EU taxation without representation: but has Britain got what it takes to fight? This could be yet another moment of national British humiliation. Brussels has made its move in the dead days of August, of course, in the hope it would pass unnoticed.But some of us have noticed. And the British had better take notice."
" yet now Brussels is getting ready to activate Art 311 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (part of the Lisbon bundle -- the euro-elite don't want to make it easy for you to find it). It says, 'The Union shall provide itself with the means necessary to attain its objectives and carry through its policies.'"
When reading this article in the Guardian about the increasing political power of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) I can just see the ECJ allowing any dissent on Article 311 of the TFEU! Like a few other articles in the Lisbon Treaty, it gives the EU 'carte blanche' to do whatever the hell it bloody well likes - and it doesn't matter what you or I think! Further comment on this 'direct taxation' question can be found here and then of course there is this 'on-going' question about 'on-line privacy'.

I have to take exception to one aspect of the Guardian article in that it bemoans the fact we have no written constitution. Spheroids to a written constitution! As far as I am concerned one thing - and one thing alone - means that the bastards (yes bastards) - who are Privy Councillors - and sit and have sat in the House of Commons should be reminded of their Parliamentary Oath.

Subrosa comments on this here and bemoans, with her last sentence:
"Is there nobody in power who can halt this slide to a federal Europe?"
To which the reply is: "No, my Flower of Scotland" there bloody well isn't! She won't get it from Salmond and she will sure as hell will not get it from the two wimps who presently head our 'stitched-up-between-them' government! As an aside, how Cameron and Clegg have managed to produce offspring, God alone knows, as they sure has hell ain't got the necessary bodily accoutrement that produce the seeds of life!

My contempt for our 'political elite' knows no bounds and, please, don't start reminding me of the likes of Carswell and Hannan, together with the remainder of our so-called 'Eurosceptic' MPs. I am reminded of a line from Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta HMS Pinafore and the character of Sir Joseph Porter, who "always voted at my party's call/and never thought of thinking for myself at all".If these 'so-called' 'representatives of the people' (together with their precedents) had the slightest trace of principle, we as a country would not be in the position we are!

I can but remind you of the last sentence from Mary Ellen Synon's post:
"Or will they let themselves be humiliated in a way that even the small ragtag population of 13 British colonies would not allow in 1776?"
So, People of Britain, hows about a revolution? And I mean a real revolution!


john in cheshire said...

WfW, a revolution? In this country? I'm afraid that's just a pipedream. For whatever reasons; maybe it's fluoride in the water; but we have become totally emasculated. It's not only the boyfriends who purport to rule us who have no balls. We are being destroyed from without and from within and not a murmur from anyone who could do something to stop it. God help us, is all I can say. We must have done something really bad for Him to condemn us to this slow death.

Witterings From Witney said...


Remember Cromwell? It will eventually happen - maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen.

Remember, as a nation, we need our backs to the wall before we do anything. The message will penetrate the minds of those who, presently, are only concerned about the goings-on in Coronation Street and Eastenders!

Anonymous said...

See also www.FreeEurope.info for more...

Gordon said...

When our nation finally wakes up to the slide will we still be a nation or will we be subsumed into some amorphous coagulation which has it's tentacles in every aspect of what, by then, could very well be a police state?