Sunday, 15 August 2010

When Does A Non-Constituent Become A Constituent?

'Mad Nad' - Nadine Dorries MP - has decided to 'talk' about the death of Dr. David Kelly and the need for an inquiry. In so 'talking' she has addressed every consituent in the country, whether they wished to be 'addressed' or not. This 'practice' is not one of which just Nadine Dorries is guilty as examples of this abound almost on a daily basis with MPs issuing statements on any number of subjects.

It has always baffled me therefore that were I to address a question to Nadine Dorries, or any MP other than my own, on any matter of national importance I would be told that she is only able to 'talk' to her own constituents. This practice has been amply illustrated by the Albion Alliance - of which I am a member - who addressed questions dealing with the UK's membership of the EU to MPs, only to be informed that unless the Albion Alliance (me) was a constituent of theirs, they would be unable to 'talk' to me, citing something called 'Parliamentary Protocol'.

Just thinking.................

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