Friday, 13 August 2010

An Example of Political Hyprocrasy

Helen Szamuely, Your Freedom and Ours, posts once again about the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the premature announcement that it would be abolished and then wasn't - no surprise there then.

Knowing that the EU was about to set up their own 'advisory agency', the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the UK government 'got in first', no doubt to underline and show their EU 'credentials and commitment', by setting up the FSA.

Our Liberal Conservative government administration centre for our foreign government in Brussels, may talk about abolition of quangos but unfortunately they can't as they need these quangos. Oh they may erase the name but the personnel will just be moved to other departments, ensuring the 'work' continues.

The political elite are adept at hiding the truth, of not being 'open and honest', as illustrated by the statement from Caroline Spelman, quoted at the end of Helen's post. In the foreward to "The Coalition - our programme for government" Cameron and Clegg say that they "....will extend transparency to every area of public life.....". 'Transparency' means being open and honest in my book, so never mind about broken promises of referendums - it is obvious that they are unable to keep a basic promise of how they will govern.

In the same foreward Cameron and Clegg also write that: "We both want a Britain where our political system is looked at with admiration, not anger." Is it any wonder then that all our political system receives is anger when we, the people, are continually lied to, where only part of the truth is told us and where our politicians talk about their 'principled' approach to government - but, unfortunately for us, don't possess any principles?

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