Sunday, 22 August 2010

Tom Harris vs Nelson (& His Column)

Tom Harris, Labour MP, castigates Fraser Nelson who, in turn, castigates Charles Kennedy in what Tom Watson decries as "sneering and nasty in the extreme". 
"......the only defection being considered is from Glenfiddich to Glenmorangie”, “If he’s going to cross the floor, he needs to be able to do it in a straight line....."
One has to wonder whether if a comedian, say at The Fringe, had said those lines, Tom Watson would have laughed - one can but speculate......... Anyhow, one has no wish to intercede in a 'lover's tiff'...........

One aspect of Tom Harris' blogpost is worth picking up on though and that is where he quotes from Fraser Nelson:
"But the sensible small-government liberals (David Laws, Nick Clegg, Jeremy Browne) could settle down in the Tory Party where they are genuinely admired."
Fraser Nelson, with that statement, opens up various scenarios and reasons for those scenarios - especially where the likes of Clegg and Laws are concerned - when considering the future for the LibDems.

First, Cameron has taken his party - without their express permission - so far to the left that it is more Liberal than Conservative, so the likes of Clegg and Laws would have no trouble 'fitting in'. Second, there is the point that those LibDems in government have shown they can change their principles at the drop of a hat ministerial salary, which gives them another reason not to 'defect'. The likes of Simon Hughes - and his 'band of followers' - will no doubt go their own way, heading the remainder of the LibDems.

But then, is not the obliteration of the LibDems what Cameron had in mind when he formed The Coalition? And who walked smack into the trap, with their eyes open? 

Just a thought......................

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