Tuesday, 31 August 2010

William Hague & Ethical Foreign Policy

William Hague writes in the Telegraph about his vision of the UK's foreign policy and that it must be a policy with a conscience. Beginning his article praising the 'efforts' of the British public in donating £33million to Pakistan during the first 20 days and continuing that it should make us proud as it has shown that our ability as a nation to help others rests on real goodwill, generosity and compassion, made me consider that if he wants generosity perhaps he should also have a word with their cricketers who, according to recent press reports, have a bob or two to spare! Hague also makes the point that the British government also donated £64million of our money - without asking us, I hasten to add - which is indeed generous, especially to a nation that seems to have sufficient spare money for a nuclear programme.

In his article he also talks about the fact that we cannot have a 'foreign policy' without a conscience. Why not one has to ask as we seem to have a 'home policy' without a conscience in that the political elite of which Hague is a member take decisions that appear to have no bearing on the wishes of their electorate. He writes about unchecked climate change taking hold which causes people to suffer. The suffering is financial and does affect people because it is caused by politicians taking decisions and spending public money on an unproven science.

It is a great pity that all the effort and money about which Hague writes - 0.7 percent of national income on overseas aid, fair elections in Burma, access for humanitarian aid to Gaza, lobbying the Government of Iran over death penalty cases, women's rights and religious freedom - is not spent relieving the poverty in this country.

If Hague really wants an 'ethical foreign policy' then he would set about ensuring that it re-established the rights of the British people to govern themselves! If Hague had any sense of honour - instead of acting as the EU's messenger boy albeit with the title of Her Britannic Majesty's Foreign Secretary - he would promptly resign. Surely even he must realise that he is no more than a fake politician, pursuing a fake foreign policy, on behalf of a fake government!


john in cheshire said...

He sounds like that other idiot, Robin Cook. I loved it when the Israelis allowed him to be jostled when he was on a visit to that part of the world. Maybe they'll do the same to Hague. And I know Cook is dead; I was the one in the streets dancing for joy on that day. One lying socialist down, several thousands to go.

Anonymous said...

It was an exceedingly bad article, perhaps his new "advisor" wrote it for him. I do like your description of Hague as the messenger boy for the EU, fits him well. But let's see, wasn't he once said to be "EUroceptic", ha bloody ha!