Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mixing Colours

Damien Green writes on The Blue Blog about immigration. When mixing blue and green the result is a rather indistinct colour - a sort of blue/green yet neither blue nor green - so it is with the Coalition policy on immigration, neither one thing or the other.
"I believe that Britain can benefit from immigration, but not uncontrolled immigration."
 "We should stop importing workers for jobs that British workers could be doing."
So writes Damien Green, but forgive me - what is immigration from within the EU, if not 'uncontrolled immigration' on the basis that it cannot be halted? If we have 'foreign' - foreign as in non-British - workers coming into the UK, then we are by definition of the word 'importing' them, regardless from whence they come.

It is worth remembering that the term 'import' is derived from the conceptual meaning as to bring in goods and services into the port of a country. (And don't dare start on this 'free movement of goods and people' crap, please) People are 'goods' and they provide 'services' - QED!

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Anonymous said...

Even the Europhile French have picked up on this and want border controls!

It's a ludicrous position, designed to hook the majority of non-political people who are content to pick up soundbites from TV and accept them as fact.