Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I Can But Agree!

A cross-post, via Subrosa, from Apogee.

There is one God looking down on us all,
We are all the children of one God
The sun, the darkness, the winds,
are all listening
to what we have to say.
- Geronimo

A Wee Bit of History Before We Become It

Since the 1500s America has been colonised (invaded) by the white man, and all the colours of the rainbow, since. The original owners of the country at first were relatively friendly until the incomers started throwing their weight about. The mistake the Amerindians made was that by the time they realised what was happening, they were a minority in their own land, militarily inferior, their religion and beliefs and way of life ridiculed and trashed by the incomers who knew and would allow no way but their own. And as there were more incomers, there were more and more children, so the Amerindian was suddenly a minority and no longer able to fight for what was stolen from him.

The Australian Aborigine had very similar treatment. Again, no chance of winning against heavy fire power, he, like the Amerindian at the start, didn't have any and by the time he did, all of a sudden he is perceived to be a threat and given no mercy. His way of life, religion and beliefs were also stolen from him.

So now we see a similar thing happening in Britain and it seems to be well on the way in the U.S.A.

Here it appears to be an invasion of people from Islamic countries. Parts of England are turning into Islamic no-go areas and these people bring in customs that are anathema to the natives. The numbers of them who seem not to understand the concept of rule of law is astounding, how many now coming here do so because the countries they are leaving would have given them swift severe punishment if they had stayed. And when they transgress out laws we cannot send them back because, basically, they might be punished, some of them deservedly so, for crimes/actions taken before they hastily departed.

We cannot send them back because of a diktat from a foreign administration.

We already no longer control our own country.

Our elected leaders gave control of our country to an Unelected Self Appointed Administration.

An administration that makes laws that allow extradition of native born Britons to other countries in the EU, for minor crimes or things which are not crimes in Britain and without any evidence of crime presented. How long before other administrations will be coming here to arrest citizens directly? It is suggested less than ten years.

But we cannot send back criminals and illegal immigrants to their own countries because they could be ill treated.

Does the indigenous natives of these Island have no human rights?

Notice how many of these immigrants are in the governing of this country as a ratio of their numbers here. It seems quite high?

Notice how much the Main Stream Media promotes so-called minorities against the indigenous peoples.

Notice how many councils give help to incomers to this country before they help the native Britons and note how often it is abused.

We can take back our country but it will require a complete change of attitude by this government, or a complete change of government. It will also require the people to waken up to what is happening around them, and very quickly, otherwise we will be in the situation of the Amerindians and it will be too late. Curry will be the national dish, not roast beef.

If we do not learn from history we will be doomed to relive it.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Sure, we ought to just let in the people who add value, all this open door stuff is a hiding to nothing (and let's not just look at immigration - let's look at emigration - which British citizens are leaving this country, and why).

But we also ought to remember who it was who stole the most from us, namely the Normans - and their political descendants, the Home-Owner-Ists - who invented this whole 'land ownership' and 'income tax' nonsense that has blighted us ever since.

Witterings From Witney said...

Fair comment MW on both points.

However to solve both "it will require a complete change of government."

The problem is where is the present-day revisionist/reformer - nay, 'Cromwell' figure - to bring this about? Where?

Anonymous said...

It has to get worse before Arthurs's grave stirs.

It's coming.

Anonymous said...

Well, it had bloody well better hurry up, I am not getting any younger. I survived the blitz and it appears I am going to be starved to death by our toy government and the same ones who tried bombing me. Are you listening Cleggerloons? No, thought not, you are too busy filling your boots with our money.