Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Two Articles With One Theme - Loss Of Freedom

Two articles caught my eye today, one by Christopher Booker in the Mail and the other by David Campbell Bannerman on Critical Reaction.

What both the articles have in common is that they highlight further losses of freedom to which the people of this country will be subjected. The first is 'no taxation without representation' and the second the loss of freedom to be considered innocent until proven guilty. 

Whichever way one looks at these two topics, the conclusion is plain to see - they are both yet another example of loss of a freedom. Now I seem to recall 'sharp-elbowed middle class' iDave promising that there would be no more loss of freedom without a referendum and even put this into 'The Coalition - our programme for government' (page 19) "We will ensure that there is no further transfer of sovereignty or powers over the course of the next Parliament."

It is sure going to be interesting to see Cameron wriggle out of this, even allowing for his propensity to base his utterances on the fact that 'words are cheap'.

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