Monday, 30 August 2010

Total Politics (Indeed!)

Total Politics has an article on Sharon Bowles, LibDem MEP, currently chair of the economic and monetary affairs committee of the European Union.
"The Lib Dem MEP is a hugely powerful and yet virtually unknown British politician. She has had far more impact on our legislation than your average Westminster politician."
And that my friends is why the whole concept of the European Union is fatally flawed - that a virtually unknown politician should have had - and continues so to do - far more impact on our legislation than could a Westminster politician surely shows that we most definitely are not a self-governing nation!

That the EU, together with our own political elite and media, don't wish us to know just how much our lives are 'controlled' by the EU is surely the greatest insult yet suffered by man in any democratic process.

Now can we please get the hell out?

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