Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday 13th

Obviously not a day when politicians and bureaucrats think it is to be their lucky day!

My having 'had a go' at politicians, Lee Rotherham of the Taxpayers Alliance joins in with a shot at bureaucrats (mind you, it is Cathy Ashton's department):
"Wisdom of Solomons
Spot the mistake in the latest press release from the EU's new External Action Service;
"The European Union has a long and close relationship with the Solomon Islands."
A note to Baroness Ashton's press office: reread the Maastricht Treaty (date: 1992) defining the "EU"; review when the Solomon Islands joined the Lome Convention (clue: it was after 1975); reflect on which country intervenes military locally if democracy hits a rocky patch (it's Australia); and reappraise which individual countries have real historic ties to the area (hint: its former name is the British Solomon Islands, and it's in the Commonwealth).
We've written in the past about EU aspirations to supplant the FCO, and its ambitions to rewrite history in its own favour. These 13 words from the EEAS are just another sign of a lot of trouble ahead."
 But then, what do the EU know about history? The firmly believe history starts with the formation of the EEC and then they try and re-write even that to suit their own ends..........!

Afterthought: As an aside, talking about history, haven't heard much from Neil and Glenys lately. They still with us?

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