Friday, 13 August 2010

Carswell & Redwood In 'La-La Land'?

Douglas Carswell, the 'Eurosceptic' Conservative MP, posts on, in his words, John Redwood's excellent blog entry.

John Redwood's post may well be 'excellent', however I have to question his 'Eurosceptism' when he votes for the EEAS! If John Redwood really believes it is time for William Hague to 'speak for the UK', then it is about time William Hague told the EU: "We're Off"!

Come to that, when are the  'Eurosceptic' Conservative MPs actually going to 'cause' a bit of trouble in the House? What 'loss of power' is it going to take to stir this group out of its apparent present 'stupor' - complete subservience to the EU?


Anglichan said...

You are quite right. Some bloggers criticize UKIP for supposedly splitting the Eurosceptic vote but the 'conservative' Tories still do nothing in the way of concrete opposition to the EU.

Witterings From Witney said...

Well said A and so true.

See my latest post today: