Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Chloe Smith - Fact or Fiction?

A correspondent has sent me this article from the Norwich Evening News in which the 'baby of the House' gets some nice, free political publicity the chance to tell her constituents what she has been doing.

Unfortunately it would seem that young Chloe does not appear to have read 'The Coalition - our programme for government' which mentions quite often the need for 'transparency' and 'honesty', because had she, she would not be telling 'porkies' like this:
"Last year I was elected straight from a job working for the private sector to a high-profile role working publicly for about 70,000 people......"
Loss of memory in one so young is worrying - it seems she has forgotten this:
"She flags up her experience as a management consultant for Deloitte on her website, saying it has given her "a lot of valuable experience". However, she is currently on secondment at Conservative party headquarters where she says she is helping to "draw up detailed plans to put our policies into practice. In fact her Conservative connections are well rooted. After leaving school, she worked for former Education Secretary Gillian Shepherd who was then MP for Norfolk North, whom she describes as "a real mentor."After graduating from York University with a first in English literature, she also worked for former Conservative vice chairman Bernard Jenkin and is now registered as an assistant to James Clappison, a shadow work and pensions minister."
Hardly going straight from the private sector to becoming a Member of Parliament?

Lass, do stop spinning - you're making me giddy!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, we knew all that. But is she indeed on the other bus?

Witterings From Witney said...

Believe she may have missed that one as well!