Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Root & Branch Reform

Politicians today talk about 'root and branch' reform when discussing any problem, as if that is the cure to any of the problems we face - yet the one 'root & branch' reform they never mention is that required of our society. Eamonn Butler of the Adam Smith Institute has a thought provoking post on the Coffee House, which is well worth a read. Discussing the break down of family life, he writes:
"But it will take more than giving married couples a few tax breaks to restore traditional family relationships. Certainly, incentives are important and at the moment we are taxing the things that we want more of (like work) and subsidising the things that we want less of (like single parenthood and worklessness)."
This 'taxing' and 'subsidising' thingy has now become so ingrained in the political mind - and that mind so concerned about equality and diversity - that it will take a seismic shift before any change of ideology occurs.

Then of course there is the big, big problem of immigration, yet another subject where 'root & branch' reform is dramatically required, but cannot be undertaken as we as a country have no authority so to do. As I have posted before, the political elite are guilty of social engineering, of changing our society in ways that even they did not imagine.

Forty and two years ago a politician - one who's knowledge and intellect surpassed any of his time - gave a speech for which he was vilified and branded a racist. For a history lesson surrounding the background to this speech watch this video (with the remainder in the series notated in the right hand side bar). That speech was so prophetic, as history has shown, yet unfortunately not one of the political elite of that era paid heed to the words spoken - nor have those that have followed. However the public opinion expressed then here and here, is still being expressed today.

The political elite have tinkered, changed, re-written and bastardised just about every facet of our society - be that health, education or law and order - to the extent that they have dug a hole, are still digging and have now reached such a depth that even they are unable to escape.

There are those in the blogosphere who believe one simple fact and express it so - that our country is fucked and that a re-run of 1642-1651 is necessary. The good news is that today it should only take a week or two max - on the basis that between 1642-1651 they did not have the use of lamp posts!

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Anonymous said...

" that between 1642-1651 they did not have the use of lamp posts!"

Maybe - but they had a hell of a lot more trees!