Friday, 13 August 2010

If Only!

From Conservative Home's front page we read:

"New MPs set out with confidence Screen shot 2010-08-13 at 09.05.21 "With fresh faces making up a third of the Chamber, government and opposition alike are finding it difficult to keep a firm grip on this large, confident and surprisingly effective new group. Their sturdy individualism has its roots in Gordon Brown’s decision to eschew the general election he had been expected to call in the autumn of 2007. Jonathan Isaby, an editor of ConservativeHome, the website for Tory activists, said: “Those new MPs who have been in their constituencies for a while, especially those who have been councillors, are primarily going to be accountable to their local constituencies -"

Early days I know, but it will be interesting to see when this 'sturdy individualism' really does surface in regard to the continuing loss of powers to the European Union. How many of these 'sturdy individualists' will actually be prepared to place their principles above the 'orders' of their party whips? How long must we wait for those, supposedly, Eurosceptic Conservative MPs to start 'causing trouble' within their own party and in the House of Commons? Unfortunately if they are waiting for the likes of Carswell and Hannan to provide a lead they may have a long wait.


subrosa said...

None will step up to the challenge. Too much to lose - financially - and that's all they're interested in these days.

Anonymous said...

Well my "Sturdy Individualist" MP, Chloe Smith certainly won't. I emailed her twice before the election on serious constitutional matters, and on each occasion she voted according to her masters wishes.

Now at the tender age of 28 she's been made a Whip! Comments in the local paper suggested this would make her even less likely to side with constituents views, and to confirm this a letter in tonight's edition complains that she also supported the government line on the fox hunting issue.

So that's at least 2 of us who realise that "Our" MP is of little use....

Anonymous said...

None of them will "cause" problems, they are merely "yes men" chosen by Camerloon to follow his lunatic policies.

Witterings From Witney said...

SR: too true!

A and A: you both make valid points!