Friday, 27 August 2010

Tory Outing 'Shock'

The Conservative MP for Reigate has announced the end of his marriage due to his wish to come to terms with his homosexuality, reports Conservative Home. According to another report in the News of the World, Crispin Blunt was married in 1990 and has a son and daughter.

The report ends:
"The decent course to take in these circumstances is to wish Crispin, Victoria and their children well. The comment thread on this item is closed."
Cynical it may be, but I do wonder why such an announcement was made, late on a Friday. Might this just have been due to the fact he was to be 'outed' in a Sunday newspaper? I also believe it an affront to the intelligence of the public that Conservative Home can write the sanctimonious crap that they have in their last paragraph and, in the process, ensuring that no comment is permitted. The only people for whom I have any sympathy is his wife and children.

To be perfectly blunt - this whole episode stinks!


Jock Coats said...
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Jock Coats said...

Reminds me of the Little Britain sketch:

James Higham said...

Crispin Blunt

Hmmmm - I think there was always the teensiest of possibilities.

Joseph Takagi said...

I can't find another reason that straight men get upset about gay men. I'd rather go to a bar with men who weren't going to be any competition for the local totty than men who were.

Witterings From Witney said...


James - true.......

JT - no problem with homosexuals - but don't like it trust in my face and why need to 'announce' it? Who the hell is interested other than those of a similar 'bent'?

Anonymous said...

England urgently needs all MPs out
before any more damage is done.
The dodgy MP will probably be never
of the telly now and certainly
get a well attended blog spot.

Centre Right Gay Politician.? ? ? ?
Fence sitting ,big time.

Waiting Room