Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Those 3,000 Crimes........

Both Douglas Carswell and Mrs. Rigby have posted on this story in today's Mail and it also relates to my preceding post.
"Most of the new offences were slipped into law on the say-so of quangocrats without being debated in Parliament, it found."
WTF is going on here? So we have unelected lawmakers? Taken a leaf out of the EU's book then! And then, to cap it all, as Carswell says we have a quango deciding that those 'laws' should be treated as fines rather than subject to court proceedings.

FOI requests were supposed to allow members of the public to question public authorities on their performance, systems and procedures - which doesn't seem to have had much effect in this particular case.

On the subject of laws - and digressing slightly - Ed West has a post on what has been termed the 'landmines' left by the previous administration. One question that immediately arises is, in relation to the Act which Ed West cites - and also to these laws that were initiated without the ability of Parliament to debate them - where the hell was our Opposition, that same group that now forms our government?

A certain well-known lady was fucked some time ago - and the fucker has obviously decided that if she has been, then we may as well be!

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Trooper Thompson said...

Bruno Leoni talked about the difference between legislation and the Rule of Law in his book 'Freedom and the Law', which is worth a read.

As for Ed West's post, all the government need to do is repeal that particular piece of legislation. If they don't, I guess it's because they want to keep it. Whatever ties their hands, they have the power to untie, but being MPs they get a kick out of the bondage.