Sunday, 15 August 2010

From Cradle To Grave*

It would appear that the European Union has decided to take this idea of regulating our lives from 'cradle to grave' and legislate on crematoria operations, requiring them to reduce the amount of mercury emissions by 50 percent. (H/T: Mark Wadsworth)

Trawling through the Commission Commisar documents issued by the EU this was discovered, a document filled with 'gems', such as:
"The main thrust of Union's action in this field in the coming years will be ‘Advancing people's Europe’, ensuring that citizens can exercise their rights and fully benefit from European integration."
Of course, those 'rights' are the 'rights' that the EU have decided we may be 'allowed' - but hey, let us not quibble over details............

Later in the document, on the subject of those 'rights' comes this:
"The protection of the rights enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which should become the compass for all EU law and policies, needs to be given full effect and its rights made tangible and effective. The Commission will apply a “Zero Tolerance Policy” as regards violations of the Charter." (my emphasis)
Now that has a rather 'chilling' connation in that if one wished to exercise a 'right' that is not allowed........

As if that is not enough we then find, at the foot of page 3 (no, this is not the Sun - so don't all rush to page 3) comes this phrase:

"European citizenship needs to further progress from a concept enshrined in the Treaties to become a tangible reality demonstrating in the daily lives of citizens, its added value over and above national citizenship." (my emphasis)
So EU citizenship is to be more important than national citizenship? Not for this blogger it isn't!

Another 'gem' to be found in this document is:
"With the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the Union has now the tools to help make people's daily lives and everyday business practices easier...."
For 'easier'l please add 'to control'!

As an aside, in the Annexe I do hope that the EU include themselves in item four!

In conclusion, it seems to me that the EU - and those that support it - have never forgiven this country for setting back so many decades the ideals and dreams of Hitler and Stalin and are hell bent on making up for lost time!

* A phrase associated with the birth of the NHS, way backduring the immediate post-war Labour administration, whereby everyone would have access to any kind of treatment they needed without having to raise the money to pay for it. (Anyone know what happened to that idea?)


wg said...

I’ve just scanned through this particular document (actually reading through these .pdf files is enough to induce madness)

The only right we don’t seem to have is a right to be a sovereign individual.

Incidentally, as with quangos, I believe that all these regulations and laws are introduced to keep their like-minded cronies in phoney legal jobs. (Apart from their wet dream of complete power over us, that is)

Witterings From Witney said...

wg: agreed on all points!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link.