Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Law Is Above The Law

Or so it seems, according to Inspector Gadget who reports on some anomolies in the attitude of our 'boys in blue'.

Since when were the police empowered to ignore decisions made by a Minister of State?
"we are still spending money printing tens of thousands of glossy leaflets, advertising the now scrapped Policing Pledge and Public Confidence agenda, to every household in the shire."
"The Home Secretary has told Chief Constables not to set up internal bureaucracies to implement, monitor and audit central government targets. However Ruralshire Constabulary and at least 30 other forces have specific teams, made up of police officers, who ‘manage’ police performance targets."
Some will say that the sooner elected police chiefs are introduced the better, however the burning question is exactly what powers will they be granted by our political dictators? More importantly, what say will we have in the powers granted - Oh sorry, bloody silly question that last one!


pop said...

Sussex police aren't being very helpful - my FoI request to them was not responded to and having requested an internal review things seem to be progressing no faster...

Witterings From Witney said...

So what's the latest? Have you chased?
tweeted that question also.......

Do tell!

pop said...

As per twitter reply - Sussex Police failed to respond to original request, so I have asked for an internal review (the first step in the FoI complaints process).

I chased them and got an acknowledgement of the internal review request.

They have about 20 days to respond, hopefully they will...

My 'worst' FoI experience is

I requested on 21st Feb 2009 and finally got the answer on 21st Jan 2010 -- 11 Months later!

pop said...

An update!

Sussex police say Theresa May telling them to abandon labours police pledge makes no difference to them!

If the police won't obey the home secretary, who will they obey?