Saturday, 7 November 2009

Question Answered

The letters page of today's Daily Telegraph contains one from Mr. Tom Bell-Richards of Burford, Oxon.

I understand, on what one may call 'good authority', that the following response, which probably won't get printed, has been sent:

"Sir, In answer to Tom Bell-Richards letter, November 7, "I wish David Cameron, and politicians of all colours, would open a proper debate over whether we want a looser European Union or the United States of Europe." Oh how we have tried, Mr. Bell-Richards - three times David Cameron has been asked to debate Britain's membership of the European Union and three times he has declined.One can only presume he is unable to justify his views.

David Phipps
Witney Constituency Association
UK Independence Party"


Sue said...

This whole affair is just so undemocratic. I feel angry, helpless, powerless and very frustrated!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Good letter! Best of luck with that.

If Dave is scared of a jolly evening debate, just for the heck of it, then this makes it seem a tad unlikely he'll be having the same debate with the EU who'll threaten us with all sorts of embargoes and red tape nastiness and pump out all sorts of propaganda about the UK being isolated etc etc.