Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Chris Bryant - An 'Honourable' Politician?

Chris Bryant, Minister for Europe, has called on David Cameron to make an immediate announcement, rather than 'bury' it under the details of the Kelly report which is due out tomorrow. He also called for 'honesty and straightforwardness' from the Conservatives.

This statement - from a minister of a government renowned for 'burying bad news', for making announcements just prior to the dissolution of Parliament, known for being anything but 'straightforward' - leaves me, almost, utterly speechless with its sheer effrontery.

Gordon Brown, in his acceptance speech on assuming the leadership of his party, included these two sentences: "And we will govern for all the people of our country." and "The new government I will lead belongs to you." If he really meant that then (a) in governing for all the people he would not follow a course of action which the majority did not want; and (b) if the government he leads belongs to the people he must ask the people for their agreement to casting aside hundreds of years of self-rule. His action in not fulfilling a manifesto promise of a referendum on a treaty, generally acknowledged as being virtually identical with its predecessor, is the act of a coward, a dishonourable man and a charlatan.

Never let Gordon Brown address me ever again on matters of liberty, Britishness, honesty, truth, respect or duty and that applies also to any politician, regardless of party, who is not prepared to stand up for the independence of this country. May all such politicians be condemned to eternal hell and damnation

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