Sunday, 1 November 2009

Does This Dig An Even Bigger Hole?

Tim Montgomerie, on Conservative Home, posts on the subject of what the Conservative Party position will now be on the matter of the Lisbon Treaty and the UK's membership of the EU.

To expand on comments I have made to Tim Montgomerie's post, firstly it is obvious that any referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon would be to try to undo that which cannot be undone and is therefore a pointless exercise.

With regard to the point Tim Montgomerie makes in respect of Cameron's 'cast-iron pledge' and that it referred specifically to the ratification process - that is open to question.

Another claim is that David Cameron has delivered by his pledge to remove the Conservative Party from membership of the EPP and that in doing so has 'delivered on Europe'. That pledge is about the only pledge he has made on Europe that he has kept and that took how long?

Great emphasis is put on the proposed manifesto promise to fight for repatriation of key powers, yet as Tim Montgomerie must be aware, that would depend on the agreement of the other 26 members. As this is hardly likely to happen it must therefore be considered a 'false' manifesto commitment.

Cameron  may well end up leading a country that is 'more Eurosceptic than ever', but so what? The past few years have demonstrated that whilst the country has become increasingly Eurosceptic all three political parties have just ignored the electorate - thus demonstrating the three main party's belief in what they mean by 'democracy'.

It is worth repeating that three times David Cameron has been invited, by the Witney branch of the UK Independence Party, to publicly debate in his constituency, the question of the UK's membership of the EU and three times he has declined. Is David Cameron so unsure of his policy he feels unable to justify it in public debate - something, surely, his constituents - let alone the country - deserve? 

The country is crying out for a leader to show some 'backbone', so in relation to the preceding paragraph - David, show us you have one!

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subrosa said...

CallMeDave doesn't have that kind of backbone WfW. His backbone is made of party marrow not moral marrow.