Wednesday, 4 November 2009

MPs, Trust, Promises, Respect, Government

Having watched the unveiling of the Kelly Report, PMQs and then the statement from Harriet Harman, I was struck by the following, during the latter two events.

MPs repeatedly talking about the standing Parliament, the perception of Parliament, MP's integrity and, in particular Gordon Brown maintaining that, unlike some, he and his Party keep their promises.

The banality of it all took my breath away. For Gordon Brown to maintain, with a straight face, that he keeps his promise, WTF! Gordon, let me give you a clue - 'referendum, promise of '?

For MPs to stand up, one after another, and pontificate about the standing of Parliament and their own integrity when they have been complicit in eradicating hundred of years of democracy, its traditions and customs, in this country beggars belief!

The whole performance offered by PMQs and Harriet Harmans statement which immediately followed was nothing more than a charade. On the basis that a leopard does not change its spots, one suspects that the next charade will be that scheduled to begin at 4pm today!

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