Monday, 2 November 2009

The Start Of 'Blue Civil War'?

Bill Cash, Conservative MP, has issued a press release on the 'suggested' 'manifesto mandate', as outlined by Tim Montgomerie on Conservative Home yesterday.

Whether Bill Cash is on his own or other Conservative MPs will also be willing to speak out, only time will tell. This could however well open public debate, will no doubt be seized on by both Labour and the LibDems and cause David Cameron no end of harm.

Two comments on the post dealing with Bill Cash's press release were quite 'pointed' in their content. One dealt with the 'cast-iron' guarantee by Cameron - or as Gordon Brown said on television just now, cast-eye-ron' - and queried whether this was now being melted down to make a pigs-ear. The second comment pointed out that cast-iron was a brittle matter and generally shatters under impact.

It is a sad comment on the state of our democracy that when Gordon Brown answered questions this afternoon, in the House of Commons, on the outcome of the recent European Council summit only about 50 of our 'finest' seemed interested enough to attend.

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Sue said...

The turnout was truly shameful. It should be compulsory for MP's to turn up at a major event in the House!

They certainly get paid enough to take in an interest!