Saturday, 6 March 2010

Another Cameron PR Exercise

Yesterday David Cameron addressed the Conservative Councillors’ Association in London, today he addressed Wales. As an aside, it is sickening that every time a politician addresses an audience somewhere it is always "Great to be back in ............. (infill blank space). Anyway this speech in Wales predictably followed the same line of argument as the speech in London.

Cameron doth 'crow' too much, when saying that four years ago who would have thought that the Conservatives would top a poll in Wales as happened in the Euro elections last year. Even more remarkable is the fact that in those same elections UKIP came second, beating Labour, LibDems and Greens - now that is something to 'crow' about!

Nothing demonstrates Cameron's desire to remain a member of the EU and in so doing implementing the EU agenda of regionalisation than this statement: "And if people in Wales want a referendum on full law-making powers that is a matter for them – so a Conservative Government will not block it." Were Cameron suggesting this as the Prime Minister of an independent Britain, that is one thing. But to suggest it under existing conditions is, as stated, no more than implementing regionalisation!

Passing comment on the present government Cameron also said "We see a top-down, bossy, power-hoarding, unaccountable relic......". Err, isn't that a description of the EU, something he wants us to remain of member of? In discussing how best the future of the United Kingdom can be secured Cameron should begin with a referendum on EU membership. It is not up to politicians to unilaterally decide what is best for Britain. That decision is one for the British people and the British people alone, in that elected politicians are but representatives of the people and should reflect the views of those people.

Cameron and his party continually discuss 'cuts', savings and 'more for less'. Is it it not about time - with, in his words, 60 days to go to the election - that some detail was forthcoming, instead of generalities?

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