Saturday, 6 March 2010

Wood You Believe It?

The European Union have produced a Green Paper on preparing forests for climate change - SEC(2010)163 final.

At the beginning of page 11 we are told: "Mean temperatures in Europe have now risen by almost 1° C during the past century and are expected to climb further, the most optimistic scenario forecasting an increase of 2° C by 2100." From the link used as 'provenance' of the claim about the mean temperature rise in Europe we are led to this paper which, in turn, informs us that: "The Earth’s climate is recognized to be undergoing significant human-caused changes, with global mean temperatures now outside the historic range of at least the past 1 300 years (IPCC, 2007)".

So we have have the bizarre situation of the EU using the 'findings' of a discredited organisation on which to base a policy, one that allows them to 'play God' with what has proved to be a natural cyclical phenomena.


Richard said...

It is not entirely based on the IPCC ... it has some of its own input ...

€4.06 million

€6.67 million

€4.59 million

€13.77 million

Witterings From Witney said...

Fair comment Richard, and I had found two of these.

However it is all 'prompted' on what is 'unproven' science is it not?