Monday, 8 March 2010

Bargain Of The Day/Year/Decade!

The following has appeared on ebay:

In case it is taken down here are the main details:

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Recycled New-Labour Policies.

Item condition:Used

Time left:29d 22h (07 Apr, 201016:11:07 BST)


No Returns Accepted

Item specifics
Condition: Used

Recycled New-Labour Policies

  • As used by all of the main political parties in today's post-democratic democracy.
    (See what Gordon, Dave, and Cleggy say below)
  • You won't believe how fantastic these brilliant policies are!
  • Good as new!
  • Fool all known voting groups!! No-one will realise this is the same rehashed, marxist rubbish used as far back as 1917!! Hee hee.
  • Comes in a choice of green or red.
PLEASE NOTE: As endorsed by the society of interfering quangoes, expenses-troughing MPs, politicised civil servants, overpaid union leaders, super-rich oligarchs, yacht-owners and banksters.

Hear the testimonies of previous buyers of these best selling reconditioned polices:

Call-me-Dave Cameron
"I have been using these excellent policies for a few years and they are fantastic. They single-handedly helped me piss off millions of normal voters and to lose the 2010 election ."

Gordon Brown
"These policies have been tried and tested and are ideal for any megalomaniac who wants to destroy a nation. Give it a try."

"Well, it was like a dream come true, when I first discovered these I thought, "At last! a ready-made package to fob off on the plebs, no more arguments with sandal-wearing beardies at my party conference, no more brain ache while I try to think of an original policy!" These absolutely, stonkingly good polices are brill."

Here they are folks:

       - More Mass Immigration.
       - More Crime against the Innocent.
       - Less Punishment for the Criminals.
       - Criminalise the Law-abiding and Fine them.
       - Promise a referendum on the EU, then go back on the promise and tell loads of lies about it.
       - More Tax 'n Spend.
       - More and Closer (Yep, you heard right folks! Closer) Union with the EU.
       - More Contributions to the EU.
       - More Loony Green Taxes on Heating Bills.(Yeah, who needs pensioners eh? let 'em die of the cold.)
       - More Deaths from MRSA in the NHS
       - More Fake Swine Flu Epidemics.
       - More Islamic Sharia Law.
       - Lower Education Standards.
       - More Sex Education for Toddlers.
       - ... er ...
       - And More Mass Immigration.

Wow, is there no end to these superb, well thought out political ideas?
Get yours now!

Postage and packaging
Item location: London, London, United Kingdom
Dispatches to: United Kingdom
Estimated delivery
Postal insurance
Not offered

Return policy
The seller will not accept return of this item.

H/T: Ian Parker-Joseph


Anonymous said...


It won't surprise you to learn, then, that Cameron wants to nationalise independent schools.

I've been whoring this around the blogosphere today because people really need to wise up to Cameron. He says one thing, then quietly does the opposite.

The man's a trojan.

Witterings From Witney said...


Trojan = Two-Faced Politician, ie 99% of them!

Saw the Independent schools story but have not posted as others have said it so well!

Anonymous said...

With the exception of UKIP, WfW.