Monday, 8 March 2010

Gerald Warner - Again!

I have previously posted that Gerald Warner is no fan of iDave and Gerald surpasses himself with this critique, which rather than link to, I reproduce:

"How did they do it? How did the Tories manage to blow the most assured general election victory in a century and end up running hysterically in every direction, bereft of coherence or credibility? Take a look at the Government, for heaven’s sake. Did you ever see a nastier car crash? Well, yes, actually – the even more tangled pile-up that now calls itself the Conservative Party.

The average Tory poll lead is now 5.6 per cent; about 18 months ago it was 25 points and above. What has the Government done in the interim to win back confidence? Is it the Harman Equality Bill? Is it Gordon’s scintillating charisma? No, it is a resurgence of purely negative, depressed, fatalistic “Hold very tightly onto nurse” thinking, provoked by the pantomime buffoonery of Cameron’s now unelectable Vichy Tories.

If there was a wrong thing to do, they did it. They had years of opposition in which to prepare a coherent blueprint for the reinvigoration of the economy and neglected to do so, beyond shadowing Labour in the aspiration to “share the benefits of growth”. They were understandably derailed by the recession; but that began more than a year ago and they have had adequate time to recalibrate their policies. Instead they veer drunkenly, at 12-hour intervals, between Draconian cuts and go-with-the-flow procrastination in tackling the deficit.

If the shadow chancellor is in one television studio pledging tough action, you can rely on it Dave is in another down the road preaching “steady as she goes”. Boy George, aged 14-and-a-half and a bit to take charge of Britain’s fragile economy? I don’t think so – and neither does 90 per cent of the electorate. We are insistently told the markets dread a hung parliament: they might more legitimately dread an Osborne-directed economy. The country certainly does.

Above all, there is the freak of nature that calls itself the Conservative Party. This is not a political party as we have ever known the concept, but a synthetically-created entity composed of quotas of women, ethnic minorities and homosexuals that has not coalesced naturally but been fabricated in a laboratory. Even before an election the Elizabeth Truss and Joanne Cash cases have betrayed the instability of this construct. The abilities of candidates are PR-hyped rather than real: their significance is in the boxes they tick, not the political passion and skills they possess.

The Conservative Party is an ideology-free zone, apart from the vague Cultural Marxism it has inherited from New Labour, of which it is a faithful clone. Yet there is nothing the country more viscerally detests and longs to scrape from its shoe than Blairism. Everything has been replicated from the contaminated template of Blair – the cringe-making open-necked shirts, the “social liberalism”, the rhetoric, even the “Clause Four moment”. Dave has a master plan for winning the 1997 general election – in 2010.

Dave, once perceived as the Tories’ strongest card, is now their worst embarrassment. The revelation of his wife’s alleged Left-wing sympathies – apart from illustrating the completely undisciplined, off-message behaviour of his intimates – surprised nobody, since Mrs Cameron’s influence on the “modernisation” programme that has destroyed the party was an open secret.

Does this look like a taut electoral fighting force poised to sweep to victory in May? Dave imagined he was going to launch a Blitzkrieg against Gordon’s seasoned campaigners; now his war machine more closely resembles the Wehrmacht in April 1945."

 And so say all of us!

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IanPJ said...

and the answer is?

We are all aware that Dave is and always has been aiming for a hung parliament, we all know that the EU laws awaiting implementation (as posted on previously), laws waiting in the wings make up most of Daves manifesto.

So, forget the party leaderships, all of them. Forget what the leaders have to say.

Concentrate on the candidates. Get the candidates to make personal legally binding pledges, to us, the voters, to give us a say on staying in or leaving the EU from which all this apathetic political dross emanates from.

Concentrate on the Candidates, marginalise the leadership.

If the candidates won't sign such a pledge, DON'T vote for them.