Thursday, 4 March 2010

Give Your Vote

Courtesy of Old Holborn comes notification of this site, whose idea is that we ask those in other countries what they think and vote accordingly - thus giving them our vote. From the 'Who's doing this' link it is learned that the site is run by a group of volunteers who profess not to be a political party or an NGO. One of the volunteers, Mikey, is quoted as saying "Basically I’ve got something that’s not very valuable to me and is valuable to someone else, so I’m happy to give it away"

Where to start? So these f'wits suggest that we join them and give away one of the few rights we have left in this blighted land, the ability to elect the f'wits that sit in our parliament and who in turn will 'rubber-stamp the decisions of other f'wits sitting in Brussels? Forgive my profanity but, Christ on a crutch, even our biggest f'wit, who lives in No 10, hasn't thought of this yet - and he's come up with his fair share of daft ideas*! 

* Mind you, there's always David Cameron and Nick Clegg........................


Paul Wesson said...

Just found out about this from another source. It is an outrageous idea. I'm not swearing yet lest you delete my comments, but I not you're not a very happy bunny are you David? I'm with you on this.

Paul Wesson said...

I'm so angry I made a typo! Damn!

Witterings From Witney said...

Not a happy bunny about lots of things Paul!

Join the club!

Oh and thanks for reading my blog!