Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Last Word On Ashcroft

Over the last two days we have been subjected to the opinions of Harman, Prentice, Burnham, MacShane and Mandelson, amongst others, on the subject of Ashcroft and whether or not he pays tax in the UK.

This is getting boring and personally I don't bloody care one way or the other! Are there not other, far more important, matters that should be occupying their time? Immigration? Britain's membership of the EU? Whether MPs should be answerable to country before party? MP's morals and principles? Fake charities? Afghanistan The state of society? The proposed introduction of a European Public Prosecutor?

FFS! In the words of one of you: Get a grip, please!

Afterthought: As if to add insult to injury it is reported that MPs have just spent two bloody hours of parliamentary time debating whether someone heading a select committee should be referred to as 'Chairman' or 'Chair'! Jesus H!

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