Thursday, 4 March 2010

Little Difference Between Labour & Conservative

This blog has always maintained that the differences between Labour and Conservative are minimal, their only difference being the means by which they intend to achieve the same aims.

At least on the question of their attitude to 'Europe', that fact has been confirmed in today's press summary from Open Europe, from no lesser person that the Belgian Foreign Minister, Peter Vanackere.

"Following a visit to London, Belgian Foreign Minister Steven Vanackere has said that, following meetings with both Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, the difference between Labour and the Conservatives on their attitude to Europe did not seem to be very large, according to Belgian daily De Morgen."

Which sort of shoots a hole in Conservative claims to be Eurosceptic!

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vanzare apartamente cluj said...

Sometimes politics is so funny ... shame they don't recognize that all is a sketch