Wednesday, 3 March 2010

So Cameron Relishes A Debate?

David Cameron has a post on the Blue Blog, in which he states he is relishing the forthcoming debates with Brown and Clegg.

My comment is awaiting moderation, but in case it does not get posted I said:

"Mr. Cameron,
It is one thing to relish a debate in which the two other contestants, like you, do not wish to debate certain subjects – Britain’s membership of the EU for example.
It is noticable that you did not relish a debate on this subject by your three times refusal to debate with UKIP Witney.
Not ‘frit’ were you?"

It really does 'p' me off that this 'cosy club' manipulate politics they way they do! As one of my commenters said on another post - "the big three are cozily divvying up the spoils between them and deliberately excluding opposition"

 Update: 23.22 hours - Unsurprisingly, 12 hours later, my comment has still to appear! Transparency? Openess? Only it seems when it is supportive to the cause!