Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Mannequins Election?

There have been many articles in the media about Sarah Brown, Samantha Cameron and Míriam Durantezthe, on part they will play in the forthcoming election. Is this the nadir to which our political process has reached? That the electorate will choose the next government based on whose wife they most 'fancy'?

If truth were known all three women probably, secretly, wish they had married 9-5 men who came home at the same time each day, men with whom they could enjoy a 'normal' family life. Either that, or the wives of the three main party leaders really are 'money-grabbing', 'status-symbol' women who feel they need a 'powerful' accoutrement.

Politicians need to remember that it is not their 'f'king' wives/husbands (pun intend) that we are electing, it is their ability to fulfil the position for which they seek!

Now can we get back to politics?

 Afterthought: I suppose that on Monday we are going to be bombarded with news stories about the Camerons - son, wife, mother. FFS! If a man or woman exhibits the ability to lead the country, I could not really care less if he/she was a wife/husband beating, tree-hugging, alien-believing, brain-dead f'wit - and we have had sufficient numbers of the latter category, in the past decade or so!


Mrs Rigby said...

Maybe they want us to think we don't need to worry our little heads about policies, we can't possibly understand difficult stuff like graphs and numbers.

lenko said...

More of the dumbing-down we're all rapidly becoming accustomed to.

Mind you, it'd be interesting if Mandy were ever to get a shot at leading the party -- which rent boy is he shacked up with now? I forget.

Witterings From Witney said...


No doubt uses PR to decide?