Monday, 1 March 2010

A Red - Or In This Case - Blue Herring

Much has been made on the blogosphere, especially in the left-leaning MSM, blogs and political world, of the status of Lord Ashcroft and his 'taxing' arrangements, a topic Mark Wadsworth 'lays to rest'. Do members of the three aforementioned spheres have nothing else to write about - bearing in mind far greater and more important matters?

It would be logical to assume that the fact interest rate on 10 year borrowings has risen coupled with the fact the pound has fallen below $1.50 were worthy of mention.

Or the Metropolitan Police signing agreements on 'intelligence sharing' with someone who has a track record of 'extremism'.

Or the Leader of the People's Republic of Islington Islington Council earning an annual salary between that of Gordon Brown and Barak Obama.

Or, whilst considering Prime Ministers and the latest one who is bankcrupting our country, remembering that since the Queen attained the Throne she has had 10 of them and that in her name, and without a shot being fired, they have surrendered large chunks of national sovereignty to a fascist superstate ruled over by the very people we'd spent the previous thousand years defending ourselves against. They have taken Britain into illegal wars bringing nothing but pain. They've watered down our criminal justice system and permitted a massive upsurge in lawlessness. They've dumbed down our education system, destroyed our work ethic, and undermined our cultural integrity.

Come on Chaps and Chapesses, do get a grip - or do you all work for the Daily Tittle-Tattle?

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