Monday, 1 March 2010

Further Thoughts On Cameron's Brighton Speech

With the country crying out for 'change' what in fact did we get from David Cameron?

Zilch, Nada, Nothing.

The people are fed up with a justice system that is not fit for purpose; an immigration system that is over-populating the country and over which, in general, we have no control; a system of local government that is no more than a sham; adherence to an unproven ideology of climate change that is costing the people of this country millions; an energy policy that will shortly mean power cuts for many people; a political correctness that is foisted upon them by politicians; loosely worded laws that allow bureaucrats to impose draconian fines for trivial misdemeanours; politicians who lie to their electorate, who have no principles or morals, who consider themselves a 'race apart' and oversee a form of government which is no more than democratic dictatorship; of belonging to a type of society in which they are no more than slaves to be ordered around, told what to think, speak and how to act; of a main-stream media who act as government-funded news agencies; of fake charities - 'charities' that are no more a charity than I am a Dutchman - receiving taxpayer's money in order to augment government policies; of the emasculation of the country's financial health by incompetent politicians and their policies; of political cronyism; of seeing members of our armed forces dying in a war that is not our 'fight'; of political financial corruption; of the total disregard by politicians for the views of those they are supposed to represent; of being governed by those we cannot elect and who are therefore unaccountable.

In short, we the people have had enough of the politician's idea of democracy and demand that they start listening to us. We the people want politicians whom we can respect, who have honour, who believe in self-government for Britain and who will put the 'Great' back into Britain.

Any you Lib/Lab/Con politicos - of questionable parentage - out there, listening?


Bugger said...


I agree.

Cameron is a big girls blouse.

He has not got the gumption to be a "leader" in a Military / Political sense. He cannot inspire, cannot lead and equally important cannot lay a glove on Labour despite the open goal that is the shambolic performance of Brown in particular and Labour in general.

He is the bastard heir to Blair and no where near as good at it.

England has no where to turn although Scotland does have the viable alternative of the SNP.

At least in Scotland we know where the bastards live, as they say in Glasgow.

The real civil war will be after the GE when the Tories are rent asunder by a re-assertive tradition wing which cold split and go with Hannan?

Witterings From Witney said...


Agree with you and pleased someone agrees with me!

James Higham said...

Power. That's all it is about. Power.