Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Vision Of A Conservative Government' Foreign Policy

On 10th March William Hague delivered a speech - quite long - to the Royal United Services Institute in which he set out his Party's views on Britain, international relationships, trade and membership of the European Union.

Just about every point Hague makes can be argued with, but the overall impression is that his party are content to be subservient to the EU. To maintain that the Conservative Party will 'influence' the decisions of a body that is one of a 'socialist' majority - and in which the Conservative Party are but a minority and a tiny one at that - is laughable. 

Hague sets out Conservative foreign policy as "a major reform of decision-making in foreign policy, a renewed commitment to the transatlantic alliance, the cementing of relationships with old allies and the elevation of links with new partners, the reform and development of international institutions, including the European Union, and the upholding of our values." Ahem, were we not told that Ashton will 'speak for Europe' as she, according to Barroso, would be in charge of foreign affairs?

Conservative Party foreign policy is no different to that of Labour or the Liberal Democrat parties, so don't let any member of those parties tell me that they are able to 'defend' Britain's interests.

Quislings - the lot of them!

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