Sunday, 14 March 2010


From the Sunday Telegraph today "Independent schools will launch an attack this week on Government interference in how they are run and what they teach.........It will say that the independence of schools is being worn away by Government interference,"

That is exactly the reason for the dire state of education, along with just about everything else, in this country -too much central government intervention. If central government just limited itself to specifying the educational subjects to be taught - languages, history, geography, mathematics (core subjects) and left schools to teach subjects how they thought fit, parents would soon decide which schools were successful.

FFS, one question arises here - whose children are they?

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Sue said...

I am so relieved I am not raising little ones. I would be forced into home schooling. My daughter will face that same choice in a couple of years. Perhaps I´ll just get them out of the UK if things haven´t improved by then and home school them here.

The Spanish state schools are in the same dire straits as the UK schools but they DO NOT PANDER TO FOREIGNERS. You either learn Spanish or fall behind and fail.