Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Climate Change Scepticism A Criminal Offence?

Courtesy of The Talking Clock comes access to this website which claims that people who are sceptical of climate change could soon be facing criminal charges in the European Court of Justice. Ok, ok, so the claim was made by Nick Griffin who has a bit of a reputation of being a rabble rouser. You can hear an interview with Nick Griffin on Radio RWB (Radio Red, White & Blue) here.

The meeting to which Griffin refers is the 'address' given to the EU Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety at their request, by Professor Antonino Abrami, Acting President of the International Academy of Environmental Scientists and a transcript of Abrami's address can be read here. The purpose of this meeting is to propose the introduction of an International and European Environmental Criminal Court.

The startling effect of which is that Nick Griffin is alleging, during a private conversation with Abrami after the meeting, that International Academy of Environmental Scientists are of the opinion that denial of climate change would constitute an illegal act and anyone accused of that could be brought before such an Environmental Criminal Court. 

WTF! Will these people stop at nothing to 'shut down' dissenting voicies? Also, I don't know about anyone else, but I don't recall reading or hearing anything about this in our media.


Rossa said...

This was posted on JoNova and WUWt but both sites have now removed the post because of the connection with Nick Griffin. It took a while for Jo and Anthony to do so as they weren't au fait with the BNP.

In my opinion this was a great shame as it seems that the story can't have been true because of who is supposed to have reported it. I don't hold with his politics but this seems to be a case of shoot the messenger rather than look at the message itself.

So thank you for posting about it and I hope you don't get too many comments aimed in the wrong direction. These things still need to be aired whoever starts it off.

banned said...

Another victory for thought crime, first it was the Holocaust, latterly some east European countries have made it illegal not to equate Communism with Facism, last week some guy got jailed in Malaya (maybe Singapore) for alleging that their justice syastem was nor perfect so Climate Change Denial will not be far behind. Shame it had to be Nick Griffin who spilled the beans because it will boost his credentials when the truth is out.

Hitler was responsible for building Germanys autobahns, did anyone suggest digging them up after the war?

Witterings From Witney said...

thank you for your comments. Yes, I exected to be vilified for quoting Griffin. Whilst he has an unenviable reputation just for once I believe he is telling the truth, even allowing for his selfconfessed poor French. Reading the wording of Abrami's address it is reasonable to believe that Griffin's assertion is already contained in the text.

Bearing in mind how the EU works, this will come to pass mark my words. I do not like Griffin nor his party's policies but as I wrote to rossa, in this case I believe him and just because of his reputation, party and beliefs his assertion should not be dismissed on idealogical grounds.