Wednesday, 4 August 2010

One Way To Save £2Billion per annum

The net UK contribution to the EU budget is increasing from £4.7billion in 2007/8 to £6.8billion over the period 2010-2013, due to the Act of Parliament 2008 that 'confirmed' the deal Tony Blair reached whereby the UK would increase it's contribution in return for a massive reform of the Common Agricultural Policy - something on which the French and others reneged (no surprise there, then!).

According to Dr. Lee Rotherham, of the Taxpayers Alliance, repeal of the 2008 Act does not trigger a default of the European Communities Act (1972). It doesn't automatically force the UK out of the EU. It is therefore achievable by The Coalition and would show a resolve they claim to possess - but so obviously don't!

If anything would demonstrate to Brussels that the UK has 'had enough' of membership of the EU, this could be a 'shot across the bows'. Will Cameron do it? Of course he won't! The man is an out and out Europhile and is determined to ensure that the UK becomes even more subservient to our masters in Brussels!

In respect of my opinion of Cameron, the words of Del Boy to Rodney come to mind! (a "plonker" or "dipstick")

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