Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hacked Off (2)

Richard North, EU Referendum, writes about what he terms village idiots posing as journalists, to which can be added leader-writers.

Part of the editorial comment in today's Daily Telegraph really does 'take the biscuit' for its patronising and illogical content.

"The strategy he unveiled yesterday was both coherent and credible, robustly Eurosceptic in tone while wholly realistic in ambition."

Hardly coherent, definitely not credible, more Europhile than Eurosceptic and totally unrealistic in ambition. Not coherent in that all Cameron could do at his press conference was continually repeat the same thing time and again. Not credible in that it amounts to a 'fairy story', but one containing yet another 'cast-iron' guarantee which will be shattered. Unrealistic in that the agreement of the other 26 member states will not be forthcoming as it would open a Pandora's Box of almost every other member state clamouring for their own opt-outs. If this is the height of ambition of David Cameron and his 'government-in-waiting' one has to ask when will the bar be raised above ground level.

"Instead, he said that if negotiations in the next parliament over the repatriation of powers prove futile, the Tories will, if they win the subsequent election, put the issue to a national vote."

Agreeing to have a referendum at the subsequent general election may be all very well, but it seems to forget that Cameron has to win the next one first. And in any event since when did politicians allow those that pay them, privileges? I seem to recall a saying 'He who pays the piper calls the tune'?

David Cameron has been duplicitous in what he has said, in what he has done - this policy has been in his filing cabinet for some time - and he asks us to trust him?

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