Saturday, 7 November 2009

Miliband (The One With An Ed) Eats Humble Pie?

So the Government will warn us that unless we build more nuclear power stations quickly, we face an energy shortage in the near future.

How long have the likes of Christopher Booker and others been warning the government about this?

Perhaps if these f'wits, who try to con us that they are wise leaders, had not wasted heaven knows how many millions - or is that billions - of our money on wind farms, climate change and unproven science, actually implemented this 'new idea' earlier there would not be the problem that now exists.

Once again, on being shunned by the electorate in a general election, a Labour government leaves the country 'broken', not just economically but socially too! Mind you, the incoming 'lot' will be no better, headed by someone who is quite content to see the further diminuation of his country's ability to govern itself.

David Cameron trumpets 'Time for change' - too true David, time for a change from you and the mainstream political elite who have no interest in their country, just the type of 'advancement' and 'change' that will benefit them!

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