Saturday, 7 November 2009

Walls - A Thought

20 years ago, this coming Monday, the Berlin Wall was breached opening up a new world of democracy, or so the East Germans thought. It is generally thought that the demonstrations within East Germany in 1989, culminating in crowds of thousands upon thousands, led the authorities to accept they had lost control of the streets. This in turn eventually led to the breaching of the Wall and thus the communist 'frontier'.

Throughout history it can be seen that revolutions usually begin - and succeed - when the ruling elite  is split, or fragmented. The present government have lost the ability will to govern, knowing that they are facing the door marked 'exit' come the general election. The probable incoming government, whilst believing they have the ability to govern, will start on their 'tenure' knowing that in one area - namely membership of the European Union - they are governing against the will of the people. There are many, within their ranks - both MPs, MEPs and the 'grassroots' - who believe likewise, but so far only two MEPs have publicly made a stand on this issue. Consequently it can be argued that the incoming 'government' is also split, albeit that 'split' has, as yet, to manifest itself in any numbers.

Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt from East Germany, in that public demonstrations in sufficient numbers can change a country's direction and stop the ruling elite in their tracks. Where a country's sovereignty is concerned - the ability of that country to decide who governs it and also where it is seen that those elected to govern, or say they will govern,show themselves totally incapable - is there not a more just reason for holding demonstrations?

It is a sad state of affairs for democracy if those elected to represent the people fail to so do and if those amongst the political elite will not 'step up to the plate' and put country before party, then perhaps the people, through demonstrations, will have to show that leadership.

The question that arises is whilst our elected representatives are supposed to reflect the will of the people, do the people have the will?

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