Saturday, 7 November 2009

More On 'IPSA' Kennedy

And this man is 'independent'?

As Douglas Carswell comments: "If you make MPs inwardly answerable to Westminster quangocrats, rather than outwardly accountable to the people, this is what you get. There was once an independent authority to whom our MPs had to answer.  It was known as "the electorate".  We need to make MPs more vulnerable to what it thinks, rather than what mates of SW1 spin-meisters want us to think."

 One supposes that as the Healthcare Commission ceased to exist at the end of March this year, being replaced by the Care Quality Commission - yet another example of wasting taxpayers money, similar to the Housing Corporation and its replacement with the Tenants Standards Authority and the Homes and Community Agency - the government had to find another taxpayer-funded job for one of its 'cronies'.

Mind you, he won't be doing this purely for the benefit of his health - and he is to be paid 'upto £100,000 per annum for heading IPSA?

The Labour Government and their conies venal? You bet they are!

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Goodnight Vienna said...

Kennedy was knighted by Blair and I'm getting the feeling that I should be out on the streets and not online.