Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Hidden Reasons

The Times reports that the government has signalled that it plans to cut the drink driving limit to less than a pint of beer or a glass of wine. 

"The drink-drive changes — which would not require new legislation — would bring Britain into line with almost all other European countries, which have a limit of either 50mg or 20mg."
Why do we have to 'come into line' with almost all other European countries? What 'discussions' have taken place? Would any of the 'big-three' politicians care to comment on 'secret discussions' that take place with the EU? What 'discussions' have been held at EU level to avoid Britain being 'singled out' and presented with an 'order' to comply? Would the government care to deny such 'discussions? Would any politician from the 'big-three' care to comment on 'discussions' that take place with the EU?

The 'secrecy' involved in proposed laws such as this one, where the 'origin' is unknown, hardly does much for politician's wish for 'transparency' and does nothing to answer the question of 'who governs us'.

Please, can we just leave?


Goodnight Vienna said...

They drive me nuts with their evasions about the EU, Mr W. The abolition of the Lords to be replaced by a PR-elected Senate is another step on the road to 'harmonisation'. Actually, I think the word 'absorption' is more suitable.

microdave said...

"Please, can we just leave?" - I fear that is the only option, but on an individual basis!

I was reminded of the old "will the last person to leave" joke, but turning off the lights won't be necessary, as they will all be out in a few years....