Friday, 16 April 2010


This is it. The end has been reached. Of all the stupid, ridiculous, laws ever imposed on this country, one that interferes with a product purely 'English' in origin, and also tampers with the only civilised game ever invented, means that we really do have to leave the European Union. 

I am talking about the game of cricket, the manufacture of cricket bats and the exporting of willow to India, Pakistan and Australia from which cricket bats are produced. The story is covered by the Daily Telegraph, the Mail and the Express.

The EU can bugger our fishing industry, ruin our farming industry, it can warp the minds of our politicians, but the one thing it does not do is sod around with the game of cricket! Had I still a cricket bat in my possession, from my playing days, I would be sorely tempted to wrap it round the appropriate EU Commissioners head!

To show how much our political elite are interested in the ruination of this country's exports, Sir Alan Haselhurst, formerly secretary of the all-party cricket committee in the commons and author of four cricket novels as well as being an MCC and Essex member, is quoted in the Mail, saying "I had no idea this legislation had been introduced and am very distressed about the effect on the industry. I hope all the companies will contact me....." One can only presume he was too preoccupied with the new shingle for his drive, gardening, repairing his patio, having his chimney swept and roof re-tiled, and overseeing the replacement of his oil storage tank.

Update: Always check your blogroll before posting! Have just been informed Richard North, EU Referendum, has posted on this - and with a far wittier title too!

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Richard said...

Never mind the cricket ... what about Ongar?