Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wrong Target, BBC

Biased BBC has a report on The World This Weekend concerning a story involving UKIP (link to the programme contained with the report).

Perhaps, if as is intimated, the reporter wished to highlight a party that does not know what it is doing, perhaps he might wish to turn his 'fire' onto the Lib/Lab/Con? How about asking them how, if they wish to promote democracy, they all wish to remain a member of an undemocratic body as is the European Union? How about he asks them why, if they wish to devolve power to the people, they don't devolve to local authorities everything devolved to Scotland? How about he asks them why, if the leaders debate was supposed to inform the electorate, it was necessary to rehearse the debate? How about he askes them why, when discussing immigration, they don't be open with the electorate and actually state they cannot control immigration from member states? How about asking them why, through their 'Whip' system, they place party before country when voting on matters affecting our country? How about asking them why, with few exceptions - so few they can be counted on one hand - the vast majority of their candidates have not signed the Albion Alliance Pledge?

How about this reporter and producer of the programme gets a P45 for a programme that is totally unacceptable from an organisation that is supposed to promote balanced news output?


The Talking Clock said...

Some very well observed thoughts. Nice post!

Witterings From Witney said...

Ta TTC. If you come back, perhaps you would email me - find it extremely difficult to post comments on your blog.