Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Biter Bit

Daniel Hannan has been campaigning in the constituency of Brighton Pavilion and seems bemused that one lady to whom he spoke intended voting for the LibDems.

"What? WHAT? Did she know that Nick Clegg wanted to offer citizenship to anyone who managed to stay ahead of our immigration service for ten years?....... As for Europe, wasn’t it perverse to vote for the most pro-Brussels party of the lot – a party which didn’t just want to join the euro and throw away our few remaining vetos, but which was prepared to cede Britain’s UN seat to the EU?" Now Hannan experiences, at first hand, what it feels like when your party's message is not 'getting through' to the electorate - something that other, so-called 'minor' parties, experience every day! Aah, Shame!

Hannan continues "But the disease has a remedy, and the remedy is on offer at this election" (my link inserted). One thing; it sure as hell ain't on offer from the Tories, Labour or LibDems. Daniel Hannan also needs to note the comment from An Englishman's Viewpoint: "More importantly, both you and Douglas Carswell are looked upon as ‘beacons’ for true democracy and the implementation thereof in the UK. The longer you both remain within the Tory party – the more damage you do to your own integrity within the public’s eye."

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